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Website marketing services

Website optimisation, keyword analysis, penalty recovery, and more.

A great-looking, user-friendly website is fantastic, but if nobody visits it then it becomes redundant. We can assist our clients with offline maketing campaigns, social media promotion, and of course the vital search engine optimisation.

Whether you need more exposure for your existing web presence or want to hit the ground running with your new project, we provide real results for our clients by drawing on our years of experience of online promotion in international markets.

Our Web Marketing Services

  • Full site optimisation
  • Search engine submissions
  • Keyword analysis
  • Copy writing
  • Link campaign management
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign management
  • Panda and Penguin penalty recovery

Full site optimisation

This service includes a full assessment of your website, as well as any changes required to make the content more accessible by the search engines.

Search engine submissions

This includes the submission of your website to the major search engines (so they know it exists!).

Keyword analysis

This service can be vital for any type of search engine promotion. We research and provide you with the keyphrases that potential visitors are using to find websites with similar products or services.

In conjunction with our copywriting service, we can then analyse your site on a page by page basis and make changes to increase the relevancy of each page to a chosen keyword or keyphrase.

Copywriting service

Our copywriting service examines and makes any changes to your existing text. The changes made will make your text more user-friendly as well as ensuring it contains relevant terms for your targetted keywords.

Link campaign management

A link campaign can be a very effective way of increasing your position in the search engine listings as well as receiving traffic directly from the links. We actively search for relevant quality websites and negotiate either one-way links or link exchanges (with quality websites only).

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign management

Certain search engines allow you to advertise directly on their pages, they are often called "sponsored links" or "sponsored results". They usually appear at the top or at the side of the search engine's results page.

To have your website appear you pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your advert. You effectively bid on certain keywords, when someone initiates a search which includes your chosen keyword or phrase your advert will appear. Generally the more you bid, the higher up the page your advert will appear.

We will actively manage your campaign to ensure the best return on your investment. We can also provide training to allow you or your staff to manage your PPC campaigns.If you would like more information on PPC campaigns, get in touch.

Panda and Penguin penalty recovery

Over the last several years Google® has released many updates to its algorithm aimed at curbing the amount of spam in its search results, the most prominent and far reaching are the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. However, these updates not only affected websites which do not play by the rules, but also some websites that were once classified as white-hat (according to Google's own rules at the time).

Through our specially designed systems we can analyse your website to either get from under a penalty or prevent the site from being hit in the future. Our systems comprehensively check, amongst other things, internal linking structure, content quality, and the website's inbound link profile. We can then make recommendations, or carry out the necessary work to help your website bounce back from the low-traffic-levels that these penalties cause.

For more about our penalty recovery service and for a free no-obligation quote, please contact us.