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If you would like us to provide you with a personalised quote for your project then please contact us.
Our automated quote system will give you a rough guide as to how much your website will cost, however, due to the potential for diversity of web projects please contact us for an official quote.

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1. Do you want us to register a domain name for you?
2. Do you want us to host the website for you?
3. Do you want us to design your website's logo?
4. Do you want to be able to update the site yourself?
5. Do you want to sell products online?
6. Do you need a database?
7. Do you need a membership system?
8. Do you want a message board?

Website Quote System Help

1. If you already have a domain name select No, if you want us to register it on your behalf (you will be the owner) select Yes.
2. If you already have web hosting for your site, select No, if you want us to host the site for you select Yes.
3. If you want to use an existing logo for your website select No, if you want us to create you a new logo select Yes.
4. Our content management systems allow you to change certain text and photos on your website, using our simple site administration tool.
5. To sell products online there are 2 main routes you can take, either using Paypal which involves having simple buttons to make single purchases, Paypal works great if you have under 20 different products to sell. The other option is a full ecommerce system with an integrated shopping cart along with a payment gateway such as WorldPay to process credit cards.
6. Databases can be used to store many types of information, an online book shop may use one to store all the details of the books they sell, the potential uses are endless.
7. Membership systems are used to allow your visitors to access certain content, for example, if you had a photography website and you only wanted registered members of your site to view/download your photos then you would use a membership system to control the access to your photos.
8. Message boards (forums) have numerous uses, for instance, a cooking site may have one to allow users to exchange recipes.
If you need any advice then please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.