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Our systems

Content management, hotel booking, accounting and more.

For more than 15 years we have been developing systems in many different areas. All of our systems are currently being updated to HTML5 to offer improved compatibility with today's and tomorrow's Internet-enabled devices.

The majority of our systems are already completed and available in HTML5, these are denoted by (HTML5). The HTML5 systems have been tested on, and optimised for the latest smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-enabled devices. Allowing you to take control of your data from any device.

Note: Existing clients with active software licences will have their systems updated automatically, you will be advised by email of the date and time of the system upgrade. The upgrade process will not cause any disruption to online services.

WDG systems currently available

  • WDG Accounting System
  • WDG AdControl System (HTML5)
  • WDG Bar Administration System
  • WDG Content Management System (HTML5)
  • WDG Customer Relationship Management
  • WDG Direction Assistance System (HTML5)
  • WDG Hotel Administration System
  • WDG Hotel Booking System (HTML5)
  • WDG Online Review System (HTML5)
  • WDG Payroll System (HTML5)
  • WDG Photo Gallery System (HTML5)
  • WDG Property Administration System (HTML5)
  • WDG Property Search System (HTML5)
  • WDG Restaurant Administration System (HTML5)
  • WDG Restaurant Ordering System (HTML5)
  • WDG Shopping Cart System (HTML5)
  • WDG Staff Administration System (HTML5)
  • WDG Stockcontrol System (HTML5)
  • WDG Yacht Charter System (HTML5)

All these systems are developed in a way which allows easy integration with each other, they can also be simply "plugged-in" to an existing website.
For more on our systems please contact us.